I know you’ve all been wondering, what is Skye’s secret to her abs? Well here it is- LOTS of running, diet, and a core workout. A strong core consists of three things: strong abdominals, strong back muscles, and strong gluteus muscles (booty). Each muscle area supports the other to create good posture, increased overall strength and endurance, and a better looking bikini bod.

CORE360: Printable document you can take with you to the gym! High repetitions are important because they build endurance and burn fat. When the exercises begin to feel easy, add or increase the weight to increase the intensity. This will maximize the toning! Most exercises can be done with body weight.

CORE360tutorials: Printable document with tutorials you can take with you to the gym in case if you forget how to do the exercises.

Don’t know how to do the moves? Check out the tutorial videos to find out how!

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